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WelTel Health started in Africa over 15 years ago in response to one of the greatest public health challenges the world had ever seen. The goal was to improve HIV adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) and WelTel was the first in the world to show improved health outcomes through the use of open 2-way SMS communication. 

WelTel’s founder Dr. Richard Lester contributed to the World Health Organization’s texting guidelines to support ARV adherence.

PrEPmate by WelTel

PrEPmate by WelTel is an add on module to WelTel Health’s core digital health outreach communication platform. It offers equitable access and improves patient adherence, retention and support for patients initiating or maintaining PrEP therapy.

What PrEPmate Offers

PrEPmate helps to strengthen the US Public Health vision to end the HIV epidemic by improving outcomes in HIV prevention (PrEP). Many PrEP programs do not have an adequate strategy for improving adherence and retention and patients are being left behind. As a CDC evidence-based intervention, PrEPmate by WelTel can improve outcomes for your PrEP programs and be cost-effective while improving ROI. Current EHE funding strategies will pay for your PrEPmate implementation and improve ROI for the clinics and pharmacies: find out how at info@weltel.org and use ‘PrEPmate and EHE funding’ in the subject line. PrEPmate powered by WelTel offers the following:

Improve engagement, retention, adherence & satisfaction for people taking Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
Increase knowledge about PrEP through interactive messaging
Increase motivation to adhere to PrEP

Flexible Pricing

Our social enterprise costing is designed to fit your program needs & budget. We offer ‘pay per use’, subscription & enterprise level costing. All packages include complete software activation, training, license subscription, messaging, gateway fees, & technical support.

PrEPmate supports patients & PrEP navigators

PrEPmate by WelTel makes it easier for providers to connect with patients and manage their care while empowering individuals to engage with their health-care teams.

English, Spanish ++language messaging
Topical messaging  makes taking PrEP more fun!
PrEP navigators connect by text to provide tailored support to those who need help
Tailored & fun pill reminders for taking PrEP
2-way communication between clients & PrEP navigators
A secure system for trusted communication about PrEP

Key Platform Features

PrEPmate's feature rich platform includes
Streamlined Workflows
Broadcast Messaging
Automated 2-way SMS Communication
Scheduling Appointment Reminders, Clinician Alerts
Team-based Care, Multidisciplinary Access
Integrated Virtual Care (SMS, phone, video)
AI Natural Language Processing Triage
DataViz, Data Export, and Predictive Analytics

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