Overcome vaccine hesitancy with WelTel VAXassist

Increase vaccine uptake with ease of access to healthcare professionals and patients.

Delivering the right care. Anytime. Anywhere.

WelTel’s founders pioneered the use of 2-way texting in health care almost two decades ago to monitor and support HIV/AIDS patients. Today, WelTel is deployed around the world in a variety of settings ranging from mental health to pediatric cardiology, as well as on the front lines of COVID-19 support, contact tracing and case management.

The WelTel platform is a proven public health tool that builds trust and influences positive behaviour changes that lead to better health outcomes.

That’s why researchers, public health agencies and practitioners are choosing WelTel to increase vaccine uptake and combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The WelTel platform makes it easy to triage, manage and interact with large cohorts of patients. By allowing providers and patients to communicate naturally and conveniently in any language, WelTel provides positive behavioural nudges that increase vaccinations and improve adherence to treatment plans.

What Patients Are Saying

Being confirmed COVID-19 positive and still struggling with this illness in week 19 WelTel provides support, knowledge and advice from top medical professionals on a consistent basis. It gives the patient validity and hope that they will eventually recover. This virus initially attacked my lungs for 3 weeks, then it created complications in my heart for 5 weeks and now it has created complications in my brain/nervous system for the past 5 weeks. I needed immediate emergency medical attention twice, heart and lungs, and if I had access to this app earlier in my illness it would have provided immense support and perhaps lessened the severity of my illness. I encourage anyone who becomes infected with COVID-19 to gain access to this app. It is an integral aspect of treatment in helping facilitate a full recovery from COVID-19."
"I would like to compliment you on your excellent text messaging system for physician / patient follow up. It's professional yet personal. It provides an overall sense of confidence that patients are able to communicate concerns and receive physician responses in real time. My two virtual appointments and text conversations in between with you has been a very good experience. Much appreciated."
"I also need to say a special thank you for all the support I have received through this check-in process. It honestly made a difference for helping me get through that extremely difficult time when my daughter was struggling so much. I will be forever grateful for the support."

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