Transforming Healthcare Delivery in Rwanda

A Trusted Partnership Revolutionizing Healthcare in Rwanda through Effective Solutions and Collaborative Efforts

WelTel's innovative platform is deployed on Rwanda's national data center, ensuring scalability, reliability, and data security.

Our partnership with Rwanda's healthcare system enables seamless integration and accessibility, empowering healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care.

Transforming Patient Triage in Rwanda

In 2020, WelTel was adopted as part of Rwanda's national program to support patients on home isolation. The WelTel software was deployed on Rwanda's national data center. Over 100,000 patients were successfully triaged using the platform.Recognizing the importance of timely communication, more than 18 million text messages were sent through WelTel, helping to alleviate fears and share up-to-date pandemic information from a trusted source. The Rwandan Ministry of Health took over payment for the gateway and the SMS, ensuring the program's sustainability and reach.

Building on Success

The program extended its impact beyond home isolation. The Emergency Operations Center utilized WelTel to monitor Ebola at land border crossings, demonstrating the platform's versatility and effectiveness in emergency situations.To further enhance the capabilities of the WelTel platform, a local partnership with the Clinton Health Access Initiative provided funding for integrating the system with DHIS 2, Rwanda's health information system. This integration facilitated seamless data exchange and improved healthcare coordination.

WelTel Rwanda

Recognizing the need for long-term sustainability and local capacity building, WelTel Rwanda was established as a dedicated local company. This step allowed for deeper partnerships and the continuation of impactful collaborations.

With additional funding from Jhpiego, WelTel Rwanda expanded its services across clinical areas prioritized by the Rwanda Biomedical Center, including HIV, TB, mental health, and NCD-diabetes. This scaling effort ensured that more individuals could benefit from the platform's innovative approach to healthcare delivery.Through these collective efforts and partnerships, WelTel has played a significant role in supporting Rwanda's healthcare system, improving patient outcomes, and strengthening the overall resilience of the nation's healthcare infrastructure.

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