Simple, intuitive and powerful digital health care platform

WelTel’s cloud-based digital health engagement platform is user-friendly, secure and designed for scale.

Backed by clinical research and validated in the field, WelTel is easy to use for patients and providers. Robust and simple by design, it works with basic cellular phones and doesn’t require patients to have an Internet connection or expensive data plans.

Simple, intuitive and powerful digital health care platform

WelTel’s cloud-based digital health engagement platform is user-friendly, secure and designed for scale.

Informed by clinical research and validated in the field, the WelTel platform is easy to use for patients and providers. It works with basic cellular phones and doesn’t require patients to have an Internet connection or expensive data plans.

WelTel leverages 2-way SMS — the world’s most widely used messaging technology to ensure maximum access and reach. AI-enabled natural language processing generates data insights that improve health care delivery and increase user satisfaction.

Robust, secure SaaS solution for patient-centered virtual health

WelTel is a comprehensive, integrated virtual care platform designed to be device-agnostic and easily configured to suit the needs of users.

WelTel is compliant with major global data privacy regulations to provide secure, seamless information sharing between health teams and patients.

Why WelTel?

WelTel makes it easier for providers to connect with patients and manage their care while empowering them to engage with their care teams. Designed with interoperability in mind, WelTel integrates seamlessly into day-to-day clinical workflows, EMRs, HISs and even paper-based systems.

Designed with Health Level Standards in mind, WelTel allows relevant data to be shared effectively and securely across the complete spectrum of care. WelTel’s open open application program interfaces (APIs) can integrate with any electronic system to facilitate connections and ensure the data are usable and readily available to all relevant stakeholders – including the person whose health information is being shared. Interoperability advances the goal of optimizing health by providing seamless access to the right information needed to understand and address the health needs of individuals and populations.
WelTel meets patients where they are through discreet messaging and outreach that is convenient, personalized and appropriate. Our technology facilitates patient self-management by offering patients an easy-to-use portal that provides access to care plans, relevant documentation, educational resources as well as options for booking and changing appointments when appropriate. Health goals can be tracked and rated for progress, allowing patients to make thoughtful, informed decisions about their healthcare. This puts their care in their hands.
WelTel continues to evolve and improve through regular feedback sessions with clinical users around the globe. Research shows that both patients and providers benefit when patients are well-informed and empowered to manage their health conditions. WelTel gives health providers the digital tools they need to engage effectively with patients and conveniently share appropriate resources to make informed medical decisions together.
WelTel’s platform is designed to be conveniently configured and adapted to suit the needs of users and their system requirements. Initial setup is fast and worry free. Providers can easily configure settings such as the number of clinics, the individual users allowed to access information within specific clinics, the language of broadcast messages, the timing of automated reminders, individual health pathways for patients, and more, according to the needs of their programs.
The WelTel platform integrates seamlessly into day-to-day workflows to increase efficiency for practitioners while ensuring delivery of quality, tailored care. The platform allows health-care providers to communicate and co-ordinate care with a larger group of patients in a timely and easy manner. Using the platform’s natural language processing algorithms and the ability to triage incoming messages, healthcare providers can optimize and organize their time and other resources to those who need the care most. By improving patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans, WelTel reduces ER visits and hospital readmissions to help lower health-care costs.
Secure and compliant
WelTel is secure and compliant with major Canadian, U.S., EU, and African data privacy and security regulations including HIPAA, PIPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR. While currently following the ISO 27001/2, 27017, 27018 standards, we are working diligently toward CSA, SOC2 compliance and CSF HITRUST certification for information security management. WelTel’s software, including all data, can be hosted exclusively within any health jurisdiction to meet local requirements. WelTel’s infrastructure is hosted and maintained on secure AWS cloud servers that have geo-redundancy, providing an additional layer of security in case of power outages or other unanticipated events that could lead to the loss of important data and hinder the operation of the platform.
Evidence based
WelTel’s founders pioneered the use of 2-way texting in health care with demonstrated improved outcomes through positive behaviour change. The company continues to collaborate with scientists globally, making it a world leader in clinically validated solutions that support patient engagement and integrated virtual health care. Over 75 first-author peer-reviewed publications inform WelTel’s technology, and the research has been cited over 4,500 times, more than any other digital health outreach solution.
Culturally safe
From its research roots in rural Africa to supporting primary and specialty services in remote First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities in Canada, the WelTel multilingual platform promotes health and language equity by ensuring everyone has access to timely, appropriate and culturally safe care in their language of choice. WelTel’s digital tools balance the functionality needed to overcome the barriers of distance and geography to improve access with a community directed approach that respects the priorities and traditions of the communities we serve.

How WelTel Works

Patients enroll with WelTel using their mobile number
System sends automated check-in messages at appropriate times
Patients respond with any health concern in their own words
Responses are categorized based on the need for prioritized follow up using Natural Language Processing algorithms
Platform connects patients with their known health care provider
WelTel strengthens relationships and builds trust
Patient interacts using 2-way text messaging
Works on any phone, no need for data or smartphone
Access intuitive dashboard from any device
Manage appointments, billing, health records, video calls, and more
System integrates with other digital health tools
WelTel is designed to work with all EMR and HIS systems.
Predictive analytics enhance decision making
WelTel helps allocate health resources where needed most

Key Platform Features

WelTel's feature rich platform includes
Easily access data in real-time for informed decision making
Predictive modeling generates data insights from natural conversations
Care Plans
Chronic disease care plans can be Flexible patient portal supports collaborative care
Virtual Scheduler
Open API enables flexible on-demand integration
Configurable messaging
WelTel enables program-specific, personalized communication
Open, flexible communication
Asynchronous approach is convenient and efficient
Open API integrates easily with online and paper billing systems
Provider-to-provider messaging
WelTel supports collaborative, team-based care

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Gabrielle is engaged with humanity and lives her life with compassion to serve. Her extensive travel and health work in both Africa and Canada has given her an appreciation for diversity and a deep understanding of the health challenges faced by many. These experiences have driven her to lead WelTel's social enterprise with a vision to ensure equitable access for all. Growing WelTel remains one of the most exciting and important journeys of her life.