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Ending the HIV epidemic with PrEPmate

Endorsed by the CDC as an evidence-based intervention, PrEPmate is proven to double the odds of patient adherence & retention in PrEP care.

CDC Endorsed

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has endorsed PrEPmate as a highly effective, evidence-based intervention to support PrEP adherence and retention in care. See the study that shows PrEPmate doubled rates of retention in care and PrEP adherence.
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PrEPmate doubles the odds of patients being retained and adherent to PrEP care

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of patients would recommend the service to a friend

For healthcare providers — manage more patients more effectively 

PrEPmate is an inclusive and effective HIV prevention tool to support and increase patient satisfaction & maximize ROI

PrEPmate's secure, interactive communication hub delivers tailored support to those who need it most while strengthening engagement & patient-provider relationships.

Powerful tools ensure no one is left behind

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Maximize your EHE funding

PrEPmate's return on investment includes

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More EHE

Achieve clinic retention and adherence targets
340B Reimbursement

More 340B

Maintain direct patient intake and case management.
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More clinic revenue
+ savings

Streamline workflows, increase productivity and reduce costs.
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Satisfied patients &

Build trust for stronger relationships, better outcomes.

What patients are saying...

patient learning more about HIV and PrEPpatient explaining how PrEPmate helped with treatmentpatient expressing more motivation with PrEPmate

What providers are saying...

PrEPmate allowing patient to feel more connected to clientsPrEPmate making workflow more efficientPrEPmate helping patients have fun with navigating PrEP treatment

Flexible Pricing

Our flexible approach provides many options to deploy PrEPmate, and can support larger multi-site, enterprise-level settings as well as clinics and pharmacies, community based organizations (CBOs), and even independent practices. Our vision is to make PrEPmate accessible to those communities most highly impacted by HIV who may benefit the most from this powerful intervention. Choose PrEPmate to strengthen your PrEP program, support preventative care, and promote health equity in your community. As a scalable, affordable, evidence-based solution, PrEPmate can improve your program’s bottom line and pay for itself through EHE initiative funding.
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