Who WelTel Health is made for

WelTel Health is an intuitive and powerful digital health platform informed by clinical research and validated in the field. WelTel allows patients to feel connected, cared for, and empowered. A simple automated check-in text message prompts patients to self-reflect and report back with any health issue of concern.

See how we are shaping healthcare....

Government Health Departments
WelTel delivers solutions to a variety of government departments including health and education, and is being scaled in the private sector for mental health and wellbeing.

In Africa, WelTel was instrumental in Rwanda’s response to the COVID-19 and Ebola pandemics and is poised to play a key role in the ongoing digital transformation of the country's healthcare system.

As an evidence-based intervention endorsed by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), ‘PrEPmate by WelTel’ is focused on providing services to US public health departments striving to end the HIV epidemic through improved adherence and retention.
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Health Researchers & Clinical Trials
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WelTel was developed by world leading infectious disease specialists and researchers in digital health for pandemic response. Scientists across the globe continue to study the effects of WelTel on health outcomes, quality improvements,
and system efficiencies.

Clinical trialists and researchers use WelTel to improve study participant engagement and trial adherence through automated communication
and data collection.
Community Health Organizations
The WelTel platform helps US community-based organizations (CBOs) improve patient follow-up, adherence, and retention. Improved program compliance ensures that these organizations receive maximum ROI through 340B reimbursement initiatives.

WelTel's open communication protocols and configurable message templates allow CBOs to scale the platform across a multitude of health conditions while supporting multiple languages.

Working in partnership with Seattle King County, Spokane Regional Health Department, San Francisco Department of Public Health, and REACH LA, WelTel has continued to develop new solutions that address ongoing challenges in the HIV treatment and prevention space.
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Health Care Providers
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Since inception, WelTel has embraced an iterative design approach to ensure maximum efficiencies in clinical workflows. Having evolved into an AI powered, integrated and full spectrum virtual care platform, WelTel has been shown to streamline patient management. Health care providers who use WelTel say they can no longer do their work without it.

With a focus on collaborative and team-based care, interprofessional teams can provide can provide more effective and efficient care resulting in improved health outcomes , cost savings, and higher job satisfaction.
Hospitals & Clinics
As winner of BC's largest health authority Innovation competition, the WelTel platform was implemented to improve outcomes for chronic disease and mental health, for chronic pain, and post hospital discharge to reduce unnecessary readmission.

In Haida Gwaii, WelTel offers remote, rural, and Indigenous community members access to services through equitable digital health outreach.

Considered a culturally safe tool, WelTel is used in a number of First Nations communities to provide patient-centered care in a sensitive and inclusive manner.
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Private Sector
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The ubiquitous penetration of mobile phones and the convenience of text messaging has brought to light the importance of communication outreach that meets people where they are at.

WelTel's discrete, proactive check-in model of support, has demonstrated a positive impact on mental wellbeing in the workplace. In a cohort of 12000 trades people in New Zealand, 75 suicide ideations were detected through WelTel's AI powered algorithms and triaged to appropriate support services.
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