The digital health platform that delivers better care for all

WelTel is the leading evidence-based digital health solution that uses a text-first approach to provide effective and equitable relationship-based care.


Text-first patient engagement improves health outcomes

Better health care is personal — not transactional. WelTel’s approach builds trust and strengthens provider-patient relationships through flexible, natural communication.

WelTel’s secure communication hub blends seamless automation with messaging of your choice that helps patients feel connected, cared for and empowered.

Extensive peer-reviewed research has proven the WelTel platform promotes positive behavior change that improves adherence to treatment plans, reduces unnecessary ER visits, hospital readmissions, and builds healthier communities.

Better healthcare starts with a simple question. "How are you?"

WelTel’s user-friendly platform allows seamless integration of 2-way SMS texting, voice, video, photo and document exchange, tailored care plans, educational resources, and more. The intuitive interface works in virtually any health-care setting, as a stand-alone system or alongside existing EMRs.

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The original 2-way texting solution in patient engagement

WelTel makes it easier for providers to connect with patients and manage their care while empowering individuals to engage with their health-care teams. WelTel’s founders pioneered the use of texting in health care more than a decade ago to support HIV/AIDS patients in Africa. Today, the WelTel platform is deployed around the world in a variety of settings.

We work with primary and specialist health care providers, interdisciplinary health teams, hospitals, researchers, governments and businesses to deliver science-based integrated virtual health for a wide range of applications:

Managing complex or chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, asthma, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS
Primary health and wellness care in First Nations and rural/remote communities
Mental health support
Substance use and addiction in at-risk populations
COVID-19 contact tracing and patient support
Workplace mental health and wellbeing
Clinical trials and research support for participant retention
Maternal and child health
Adolescent medicine

No downloads or apps required, no video consults with strangers — WelTel connects people with their known or most responsible providers (MRPs) to deliver meaningful health outcomes.

What We Offer

WelTel provides an effective, convenient connection between health care providers and patients for data-informed decision-making that builds stronger, healthier communities.
 Patient-centred engagement
WelTel enhances the health-care journey and strengthens patient-provider relationships. By leveraging the world’s most rigorously researched methods for optimal, equitable digital communication, the WelTel platform builds trust and promotes self-management for informed decision making that improves health outcomes.

Discreet 2-way communication and secure data sharing provide a flexible, patient-centred virtual health solution that supports team-based collaborative care.
Continuity of care
Building an asynchronous communication dialogue between patients and their care providers using a text-first strategy that can be escalated to voice, video and virtual visits as needed, empowers patients to take their health in their hands and reach out with any health issue of concerns. Early detection of warning signs provides more timely access to care and services, reducing episodes of acute care.

WelTel’s text-first strategy can be escalated to voice, video and virtual visits as needed. The platform supports continuity of care — from triage and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up — and simplifies sharing of images and documents and other health resources. WelTel empowers patients to take their health in their hands and reach out with any health issue of concern. Early detection of warning signs ensures more timely access to care and services, reducing episodes of acute care.
Configurable templates
Open language templates allow health-care providers to design automated messaging tailored to suit the needs of their patients and programs. WelTel makes it easy for organizations to define their own content and communicate in any language — no special skills or extra coding required.
Streamlined workflows
WelTel’s intelligent automation and user-informed platform design increase clinical efficiency, improve patient management, reduce healthcare provider burnout, and help to improve appointment attendance and billing. WelTel supports team medicine with secure photo/document exchange, tailored care plans, and easy sharing of educational resources that enhance referral and consulting processes across the health system.
AI tools
Natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), supervised learning and sentiment analysis inform predictive conversational analytics that provide novel insights to improve value-based health care delivery and health system resource allocation.
Remote patient management
Providing patients timely access to appropriate care through a secure, convenient connection to their healthcare providers, anytime, anywhere. WelTel reduces unnecessary hospitalizations, ER visits and supports patients so they feel as safe in their own homes as they would in a large hospital or clinical setting.
Full integration
WelTel’s open application processing interfaces (APIs) add value and functionality for users by providing seamless integration with existing electronic medical records and enterprise health information systems. The WelTel platform also works well as a stand-alone system and is accessible for the care provider from any device.
Scheduling and billing
The WelTel Health platform includes an intuitive scheduler with a self-booking module that sends automated appointment reminders to patients and clinicians, as well as multimodal communication channels that enables equitably distributed on-call and on-demand virtual appointments from any device to any device.

Billing is captured automatically and can be easily uploaded to any software.
Care plans
User-defined content including for complex chronic disease management can be shared to patients as ‘care plans’. Patients can access their care plans through an intuitive patient portal that allows them to create self-directed health goals and actions, a value tracker for self-reported metrics, and visualizations that show progress over time. Patients can view their gallery from the Care Plans portal and directly upload photos and documents.

WelTel Benefits

WelTel’s secure, clinically-proven technology is easy to use for care providers and patients. It connects across the continuum of care and improves every stage of the health-care journey — from triage and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up.
  • Connection to care
  • Improves health
  • Easy access
  • Streamlines workflow
  • Intuitive interface
  • Team-based care
  • Central data storage
  • Improved retention
  • Adaptable
  • Easy data access
  • Reduces costs
  • Scalable

What We Offer

WelTel is the evidence-based digital health solution for equitable, relationship-based care.

What people are saying about us

“We had WelTel in place well before COVID-19 in order to provide another, more efficient, way for patients to access their care team. It has also been an incredible resource to identify and safely provide care and follow up for those with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection. We can securely share resources from the BCCDC, elicit information for contact tracing and share biometrics, such as home oximetry readings. Patients remain connected to care while at home.”
"WelTel has allowed me to text my patients and manage them in a cohesive way (ie. I can sit down and deal with a group of patient issues, rather than sporadically deal with them throughout the day). This helps my workflow. I can deal with symptoms as they arise and I can support these teenagers as they try to make lifestyle changes. The hope is that in addressing symptoms as they arise and teaching about how to manage them, we can prevent ER admissions. Sometimes all these teenagers need to hear that they are not in danger from their symptoms."
"As a counsellor I find that WelTel helps me to develop a stronger connection with the students in my care. It allows me to reach more students, especially those who don’t easily access support. WelTel gives me the ability to connect with them wherever they are, through their ever present phones, and has provided a smoother process for them to get into my office when needed. I find it especially useful with the young men I work with as they are less likely to reach out when they need help. It’s a simple thing but they tell me they feel more connected and cared for by me, their counsellor, and the school. The WelTel text makes it easy for kids to get the support they need in a more timely way."
"Using WelTel was amazing. We cannot overstate the peace of mind that comes with our son receiving text check-in messages. Just knowing that his team is on the other side of the text has made a huge difference in the day to day worrying. We no longer have to live through a million “what-ifs” in our minds until the next appointment. We can get answers in a timely fashion from his doctors who specialize in his condition. We choose to live in a rural area. We’ve always felt that we might have to move if health concerns required us to, but with WelTel, we feel like we have much more equitable access to health care."
"I would like to compliment you on your excellent text messaging system for physician / patient follow up. It's professional yet personal. It provides an overall sense of confidence that patients are able to communicate concerns and receive physician responses in real time. My two virtual appointments and text conversations with you in between my visits has been a very good experience. Much appreciated. Thank you, keep up the good work and I wish you a wonderful summer."
"Our patients love WelTel. WelTel allows our program staff to be easily accessible to patients; no need for them to get tied up in phone trees and long hold times, and no more phone tag. WelTel is especially great for quick communications like confirming appointment times, rescheduling appointments, and communicating basic test results. Not a day goes by at our clinic that a patient doesn’t tell us how helpful WelTel has been!"
"Behind the scenes, the WelTel team is great to work with and has invited our feedback and adjusted their features based on our needs. Our clinical staff cannot recommend WelTel enough!"
“We are using WelTel to improve access to COVID-19 vaccines among Latinos. Our community loves the simplicity and convenience of communicating by text. WelTel has helped our bilingual team engage people in a very personal way. Thanks to WelTel we have scaled up our work through evidence-based messaging which helps nudge people to get vaccinated, while at the same time addressing individual concerns and questions (vaccine hesitancy), so that patients can make good and informed decisions.”

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Dr. Gabby
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

Gabrielle is engaged with humanity and lives her life with compassion to serve. Her extensive travel and health work in both Africa and Canada has given her an appreciation for diversity and a deep understanding of the health challenges faced by many. These experiences have driven her to lead WelTel's social enterprise with a vision to ensure equitable access for all. Growing WelTel remains one of the most exciting and important journeys of her life.