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WelTel is the leading evidence-based digital health solution that uses a text-first approach to provide effective and equitable relationship-based care.

Medical Journanals

Virtual Care

Enhanced patient follow-up and clinical management through AI-powered text messaging and triage, supported by a full spectrum virtual care platform

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Public Health & Pandemic Response

Monitoring and supporting cases and contacts in the community in
outbreaks and pandemics
via mobile phones

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Effective follow-up, support, and referral for vulnerable and at-risk individuals through AI powered detection of early warning signs and more timely access to appropriate services

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Trusted by patients & providers for over 15 years

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"We no longer have to live through a million what-ifs in our minds until the next appointment. We can get answers in a timely fashion from doctors who specialize in our son's condition."
Parent, Cardiology Patient
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"WelTel allows program staff to be easily accessible to patients; no need to get tied up in phone trees on long hold times, and no more phone tag.  Not a day goes by that a patient doesn’t tell us how helpful WelTel has been!"
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"WelTel allows me to text and manage my patients in a cohesive way. I can sit down and deal with a number of patient issues simultaneously, rather than sporadically throughout the day. This improves my workflow."
Clinical Exercise Physiologist
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"As a counselor I find that WelTel helps me to develop a stronger connection with the students in my care. It allows me to reach more students, especially those who don’t easily access support."
Highschool Counsellor

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