Human Connection in Health: How WelTel Harnesses Data with a Soul
April 16, 2023

Healthcare is relational, not transactional. It is fueled by the power of human connection. WelTel understands that the key to improving human health is grounded in the relationship between the patient and their healthcare provider. Using real intelligence to guide the best of what AI has to offer, WelTel ensures that patients have a voice by allowing them to communicate their health concerns in open language. Data by itself cannot tell the whole story. By encouraging patients to tell their stories, the WelTel platform captures data with a soul. Stories help us to connect, understand and empathize with others.

As a healthcare provider, the ability to connect with patients is a crucial part of providing quality care but in today's fast-paced environment, it can be challenging to maintain a personal touch. WelTel is designed to strengthen human connection by focusing on relevant communication that improves patient engagement and management, even in the busiest clinical and hospital practices. Care providers who use WelTel claim to have higher job satisfaction and that they can no longer do their work without it because it helps them to understand their patients better, resulting in stronger relationships through continuously connected care.

As health systems continue to evolve, the human element of care is being washed away by the data-driven blindness that affects many large healthcare organizations. Driven by a passion to improve the way healthcare is delivered in clinical settings globally, WelTel harnesses the power of story to create a more compassionate, empathetic, and meaningful healthcare experience. Patients who use WelTel say they feel cared for and supported and 99% would recommend it to a friend.

Through the use of open natural language to ensure that all can have a voice WelTel embraces a combination of machine learning and natural language processing to triage patient communications based on priority for follow-up. The patient voice teaches us about the events that affect human health behavior so that we can quickly identify and address social determinants of health (SDH) to ensure that we meet people where they are. This supports healthcare providers to deliver personalized patient care tailored to unique needs.

WelTel understands the power of human relationships. By focusing on building connections through meaningful communication, WelTel is transforming the way healthcare is delivered, one patient at a time.

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