Prioritizing the Right Communication in Healthcare; Ask Don't Tell
February 24, 2023

In today's digital age, data has become one of the most valuable commodities in healthcare. With so many technologies available, our systems are inundated with copious amounts of patient data, much of it meaningless and overwhelming for care providers to enter and sift through.

Without purposeful communication, no data source in the world can tell you where your patients are, a scenario frustrating to patients and providers alike.

Patients must have a voice for systems to ensure that they receive the best and most appropriate care possible. This is why convenient and equitable communication needs to be prioritized. Focusing on good communication allows us to gather real-time data on an individual's healthcare experience, offering novel insights that can inform the delivery of precision care, far more valuable than time wasted on the tedious capture of copious amounts of meaningless data.

Data capture is important, but it does not replace the value of open communication which focuses on the patient to help build stronger relationships that improve health outcomes, quality of care, and satisfaction. The power of conversational data that results from interacting with patients using open language communication in real-time is far more powerful than what is typically seen in traditional data captured in static records at a single moment in time.

Listening to patients to understand how they want to receive care ensures that the right patient gets the right care at the right time. The patient's voice is loud and clear ~ they want accessible communication that is equitable, in the language of their choice, in the medium they prefer, and delivered in respectful and culturally safe ways.

With WelTel Health, patients experience enhanced communication with their healthcare providers which provides novel insights into human health behavior as never seen before.

The WelTel platform prioritizes patient care through AI-powered communications to detect early warning signs and provide timely access to the most appropriate care possible. Communicating with patients in a meaningful way puts their health in their hands, ensuring that the best of all worlds is achieved; better health, better quality care, and increased satisfaction.

WelTel is committed to providing evidence-based digital health technologies that prioritize patient care. Through decades of health communication experience, our solution is revolutionizing the industry to provide better care for all.

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