So...How are you?
April 22, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, we too often forget to check in with those around us. The simple phrase ‘How are you?’ is undervalued, a powerful question that helps build connections. This magnificent combination of words first became common in writing around the 1600s in an exchange in a Thomas Middleton play, ‘Women, Beware Women (c. 1621)’. According to the Collins dictionary, in British English, it means "What is your state of health?"

In the healthcare setting, WelTel’s proactive use of this open-ended question provides new opportunities by giving patients a voice while offering healthcare providers (HCPs) novel insights toward understanding their patients’ health behavior. WelTel research has shown that this thoughtful utterance encourages patients to self-reflect and report on any health issues of concern, allowing HCPs to detect early warning signs and provide timely access to care. This meaningful exchange results in strengthened relationships, higher job satisfaction, and better health outcomes.

WelTel was first developed by passionate HCPs trying to solve the problem of loss to follow-up due to inequitable access to care. It was designed using a communications-first approach that connects patients to their HCPs. Focused on equity, the company embraces the most accessible mobile technologies to develop solutions that offer patients continuously connected care that also streamlines clinical management and follow-up.

The data speaks for itself:

As a pioneer in the mobile health revolution and the first program globally to improve patient health outcomes through the use of 2-way text messaging, WelTel has always been a decade ahead of its time. With the tendency towards disengagement brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the world seemed to emerge a little less kind, the healthcare system fell into disarray and many were left behind.

As a proud Canadian company headquartered in beautiful British Columbia and in the spirit of the Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, let’s be kind to one another and ask, ‘How are you?’, three powerful words that can change a life!

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