The Future of Healthcare: Improving Patient Follow-up through Text-based Virtual Care - "WelTelling" Your Provider"
February 10, 2023

Today healthcare providers (HCPs) are facing an unprecedented challenge to meet an overwhelming demand for better access to quality care. With limited resources and inefficient cumbersome technologies, it can be difficult to provide the care that patients deserve.

What if there was a way to offer patients convenient, accessible, and personalized care?

Enter WelTel Health - and the revolutionary process of "WelTelling" your HCP. This innovative solution is transforming the way HCPs connect with their patients. By allowing patients to easily text their HCP, WelTel is making it possible for HCPs to offer continuous, connected care, and improve health outcomes for all.

Studies show that patients who use WelTel experience improved health outcomes and higher satisfaction. The WelTel Health platform is designed to streamline communications, reduce workload, and improve patient engagement, allowing HCPs to ensure their patients get the right care at the right time. 

How to Implement WelTel Health in Your Practice

The WelTel solution is easy to integrate with current clinical workflows, requires no special equipment or training, and streamlines patient management. Patients only require a basic cell phone. Integrating WelTel’s communication-based follow-up with your current clinical practice will help detect early warning signs to provide your patients with more timely access to care. WelTel’s integrated virtual care modules ensure that you can deliver effective, efficient connected care while improving overall satisfaction. 

Once your WelTel account is activated, you can immediately begin proactively communicating with your patients. Patients can text with questions, updates, or concerns and receive a prompt response through WelTel’s secure messaging system, ensuring that all communication remains confidential.

In addition to streamlining patient communications, you can also automate medication reminders, appointments, and follow-up care. The platform triages incoming responses using advanced AI-enhanced algorithms for prioritized follow-up and also supports secure photo and document exchange, shown to improve timely diagnoses and access to appropriate care, thereby reducing unnecessary ER visits and hospital readmissions.

The Benefits of WelTel Health

WelTel Health offers numerous benefits for both HCPs and patients. By using WelTel, HCPs can improve their clinical efficiencies, strengthen relationships with patients, and improve job satisfaction.

For patients, WelTel offers the convenience and accessibility of relationship-based care by using the best of what virtual care has to offer. Patients can communicate with their HCP quickly and easily, empowering them to better self-manage and remain adherent to their treatment plans.

Improve Patient Care Today

Find out how to integrate WelTel Health into your practice to revolutionize the way you deliver care. 

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