The Strength of Relationships in Healthcare
March 3, 2023

The healthcare industry has been ever-evolving, with technology playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of care over the past few years, jump-started by the COVID-19 pandemic. As technology advancement has opened the door for a plethora of digital health solutions, there are new opportunities to improve care delivery and enhance patient outcomes. Unfortunately, many digital solutions have not been designed from the patient's perspective, and have ignored the importance of relationship-based care.

Traditional models of care have primarily focused on disease management and treatment, but with population health deteriorating, there is an urgent need to shift towards patient-centered care models that emphasize building strong relationships between healthcare providers and their patients.

We need a paradigm shift that offers patients continually connected care that drive better outcomes. A Relationship-Based Model of Care (RBMofC) is a patient-centered approach that prioritizes the patient relationship over the collection of data or what is most convenient for the health system. A RBMofC recognizes the critical role of human connection in healthcare. Digital solutions that embrace such a model are few and far between, and yet, they are some of the only solutions that have been shown to improve health outcomes and save lives.

WelTel Health develops solutions using a RBMofC approach, understanding that technology should enhance rather than replace human interaction in healthcare. Healthcare providers who support their patients using WelTel create a more personalized healthcare experience for their patients, this improves health outcomes and satisfaction for patients and providers alike.

WelTel Health is committed to putting patients first and embraces patient-centered design to build technology solutions that understand the importance of RBMofC. The platform prioritizes personalized, patient-centered communications in any language with a known healthcare provider or team.  Understanding that patients are unique and have diverse needs inspires us to build solutions that truly meet patients where they are, offering tailored, prioritized support, and avoiding the pitfalls of using a one-size-fits-all approach.

The data speaks for itself. After almost 2 decades of delivering equitable patient follow-up through our digital health platform, WelTel has proven that its proactive, communication-based model of care strengthens relationships by helping patients gain trust in their healthcare experience, and has also led to higher job satisfaction for HCPs.

WelTel’s technologies enhance, rather than replace relationships. We are committed to strengthening and improving health systems that are in desperate need of the human touch. RBMofC gives patients and providers a voice through real-time feedback that can help save lives and revolutionalize the healthcare industry, to provide better care for all.

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